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Brambles Floating Swan & Duck Food 12.55kg

Specially formulated Swan and Duck food. Full of nutritious ingredients. Does not contain artificial flavours, colours or added sugar.. Also suitable for geese, moorhens and coots.

Bucktons 50/50 Budgie Food 20kg

Finest Budgie Mix with quality millet and canaryseed. Can act as a base food which can have other foods added to it.

Bucktons Black Sunflower Seed 20kg

Bucktons Black Sunflower Seed bird food is high in oil and easily digestible proteins. It is also a superb source of slow release energy as well as being an economical feed for all types of wild birds.  Feed on its own or mix with other bird food. 

Bucktons Elite Parrot Feed 12.5kg

Quatlity ingriedients in this parrot food will help keep them in tip top shape. High sunflower seed content.

Bucktons Large Parakeet Feed 20kg

Balance of nutritious food for Parakeets.

Bucktons Wild Bird Seed Mix 20kg

Bucktons Wild Bird Food is a nutritious feed.  Can be used to feed birds through bird tables and/or bird feeders. It offers brilliant value for someone who regularly feeds wild birds.

Hutton Mill Mealworms 1kg

High Protein snack. Suitable for a wide variety of garden visitos, in particulay Robins an Blackbirds.

Hutton Mill Robin Mix 20kg

A mix including dried mealworms specifically blended for Robins but suitable for all types of wild birds.

Hutton Mill Wild Bird Mix 20kg

A good value bird mix to put in feeders, bird tables or trays.  Contains a variety of food for all types of wild bird.

Johnston & Jeff Cockatiel & Big Parakeet Mix 20kg

Selected seeds for maintaining health and condition. Additive free. Rich in digestible proteins and oils.

Johnston & Jeff Light Show Canary Feed 20kg

Johnston & Jeff Canary Light Show (does not contain Rapeseed). 70% canary seed without rapeseed or hemp seed so is a lighter, lower fat blend, which will help prevent fattening. Excellent for show birds as it promotes calmness.

Johnston & Jeff Low Sunflower Light Parrots 12.75kg

Low Sunflower mix for large parrots. Contains different textures and tastes. Can be used in conjunction with foraging devices for added movement and stimulation.

Johnston & Jeff Metal Seed Feeder - Large

Large wild bird seed feeder, with tray and hanger. Easy to clean and refill

Johnston & Jeff Plain Canary 20kg

Easily digestible seed. Suitable for Canaries, Finches and Budgerigars.

Johnston & Jeff Premium Peanuts 4kg

Johnston & Jeff Premium Peanuts are high in natural oils so provide a high level of energy and are an excellent food source for a variety of wild birds.  Very popular food source for attracting wild birds.

Johnston & Jeff Suet Pellets With Insects 12.75kg

Johnston & Jeff Suet Pellets with Insects are an excellent energy source for wild birds. The insects provide birds with protein not only during the winter months but all year round.

Johnston & Jeff Sunflower Hearts 20kg

Husk free sunflower hearts. Ideal for Sparrows, Thrush, Blackbirds, Robins, Blue Tits and Greenfinches. Can be used on the ground, bird tables or in feeders.

Johnston & Jeff Superior Wild Bird with Fruit No Mess 20kg

Quality husk free wild bird seed. Suitable for a wide vraiety of wild birds. With added fruit. Can be used on dird tables or bird feeders.

Johnston & Jeff Wild Bird Food 20kg

Johnston & Jeff Wild Bird Food is a quality feed which will attract a variety of wild birds into your garden all year round. This wild food can be used on both bird tables and in feeders.

Jondo Bird Sand with Oystershell  20kg

Specilly graded sterilised bird sand with Oyster Shells. Bird Sand is suitable for: Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiel, Finches, Parrots..

Versele Laga European Finches Classic 20kg

Versele Laga European Finches Classic is a great value traditional mix suitable for all European Finches.

Versele Laga Menu Nature 50 Suet Balls with Nets

Versele Laga tub with 50 Suet balls in nets.  The nets allow you to hang the balls individually.  Why not try hanging them from bushes, tree or fences.  More variety and more birds!

Versele Laga Menu Nature Wild Birdfood Allround Mix 5kg

Wild bird mix for feeding all year round. Suitable for use in feeders, on bird tables or scattered on the ground. Attracts all types of wild bird.

Versele Laga Plain Canary Seed 25kg

Quality plain seed. Can be used as a base for other ingredients.

Versele Laga Prestige Budgie Classic 20kg

Traditional mix of bird food for small parakeets.

Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque African Parrot Mix 2.5kg

Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque African Parrot Mix is enriched seed mixture. Suitable for African parrots a.o. African greys, Jardine's parrots & Senegal parrots.

Versele Laga Wood Bedding No.6 15kg

Versele Laga Wood Bedding No.6 15kg. Natural beech wood bedding for all types of small animals and birds enclosures and cages. Hygenic and easly disposable after use - just add to your compost heap.