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Burgess Chicken & Duck Adult Cat Food 10kg

A complete cat food that is suitable for all types of cat. Good for oral health as the crunchy kibble will help to rub off excess plaque and tartar from your cats teeth,

Burgess Kitten Chicken 1.5kg

Specially formulated for Kittens by Burgess. Provides all the essential nutrients required for active young cats to ensure healthy growth.

Burgess Neutered Cat Chicken 1.5kg

Advance high protein food for the neutered cat. Helps prevent urinary track infections, tackles formulation of hairballs and healthy weight maintenance.

Go Cat Comp Chicken & Duck 4kg

Chicken & Duck flavour from the popular GoCat range.

Go-Cat Comp Tuna, Herring & Vegetables 10kg

Go-Cat Comp Tuna Herring & Veg is a combination of ingredients including cereals, fish, vitamins, vegetables and minerals make Go Cat a 100% complete & balanced meal.

Iams Cat Adult Vitality Ocean Fish 2kg

Dry cat food for cats from 1 to 6 years old. 100% complete and balanced nutrition to help keep your cat healthy.

Iams Cat Senior Vitality Chicken 2kg

Complete and balanced nutrition for cats 7 years plus. Vitality for senior cats.

James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Hairball Turkey 1.5kg

Nutritionally complete food for cats with regular hairball problems. Made iwth natural pea fibre.

James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Turkey 1.5kg

Made from pure natural ingredients. Turkey, rice, maize, tomato, carrot and potato, generously basted with delicious gravy. Then baked into crunchy nuggets, bursting with flavour.

Lily's Kitchen Delicious Chicken Dry Cat Food 2kg

Lily's Kitchen grain free 100% tasty nutrition for your cat.

Royal Canin Sensible Cat Food 2kg

Balanced and complete cat food for both indoor and outdoor cats 1 year +.