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Heavy Duty

These long lasting durable dog beds are super comfortable too.  Made with waterproof, hard wearing fabric which is easy to keep clean  Designed to be odour,hair, dirt, flea and tick resistant these fabulous beds come in various styles and colours.
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Dog Bed Dog Dreamer Settee - Orthopaedic Waterproof Memory Foam

Orthopaedic memory foam dog bed offering the ultimate comfort with drat excluding walls. Large selection of colours and sizes from Medium, Large and Extra Large.

From: £47.47
Dog Bed Snooza Waterproof Crash Pad

Waterproof Crash Pad Dog Bed sutiable for inside the home or in the boot of your car. Very easy to wipe clean and durable. Ideal for muddy wet dogs afer their walk!

From: £36.43
Dog Bed Waterproof Crate Dog Mat

Waterproof Crate Mat / Travel Mat. These mats are not only practical, durable and hard wearing but provide warmth and comfort to your dog whilst inside their crate or travelling. Various colours and sizes available. , Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large.

From: £22.79
Dog Bed Waterproof Sofa Bed

Waterproof Sofa style dog bed. Durable fabric with benefit of extra draft excluding bolsters which are also perfect as head rests. Soft and comfortable. Various colours and sizes available. Medium, Large and Extra Large Dog Bed.

From: £38.39
Dog Doza Bolster Dog Bed - Waterproof and Comfy

Dog Doza Waterproof Dog Bed with comfy bolster head rests. Ideal for the house or the back of the car.  Various colours and 2 sizes. Medium and Large

From: £41.23
Dog Doza Waterproof Box Border Dog Bed

Stylish and Comfortable Box Border Dog Bed. Waterproof, flea, tick, dirt and uv resistant. Easy to clean and extremely hard wearing. Various colours available.

From: £41.23
Orthopaedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Mattress

Orthopaedic Dog Bed Memory Foam Mattress 5" Thick (12.7 cm) Waterproof . Ideal for young and older animals. with stiff and aching joints or recovering from an operation. Various colours and 3 sizes available.

From: £95.99
Waterproof Cushion Beds - High Loft Fibre Filling

Cushion style dog bed. High loft fibre filled for added comfort. Durable, hard wearing and waterproof. Available in various colours and 3 sizes.

From: £31.63
Waterproof Oval Memory Foam Crumb filled Dog Bed

Dog Doza Memory Foam Crumb Filled Waterproof Oval Dog Bed - Ideal For Plastic & Wicker Beds. Filled with a mixture of Memory Foam and normal foam crumb granulates for extra comfort. Various colours and 3 Sizes. Medium, Large and Extra Large.

From: £32.63
Waterproof Poly Bonded Fibre Mattress

Ideal for young and older dogs. 16 cm Thick. Provides support and comfort helps minimise pressure points on bones and joints. Hard wearing and easy to clean. Available in various colours and 3 sizes.