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Danish Design Dog Beds, Stylish and practical

Danish Design have been designing and producing fabulous bedding for dogs and cats for more than 30 years, in the beautiful heart of Yorkshire. Their reputation reaches far and wide and as market leaders they always deliver super quality products throughout the UK and Europe. Everything Danish Design produce is designed to provide style, comfort and functionality for any discerning pet and owner. Danish Design really do care about every last detail and they’re especially dedicated to caring for their customers – excellence comes as standard.

What is more is they have followed a long-standing position of recycling over 90% of their waste, Danish Design are proud to now be using 100% recycled fibre in the manufacture of their beds. This recycled PET flake is produced by shredding plastic bottles, which are then cleansed and heated to produce a liquid that is forced through a sieve to produce a thread that forms a fibre once cooled. This fibre can then be processed through the carding facility at their factory. By switching to PET recycled fibre Danish Design ensure that around eight million plastic bottles a year are stopped from reaching landfill, our natural environment and the oceans.

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K9 Products have been designing premium quality pet beds for over 19 years. K9 have been manufacturing dog beds with brands such as GB Pet Beds and Dog Doza which are hand made to order at their warehouse in Dudley, UK. Using a range of materials and fabric, K9 Products specialise in pet settees, sofas, Cushions, Nests, Cage Mats, Flat Mats and are available in Faux Leather, Faux Suede, Fleece, Waterproof and Cotton to name a few. All bed fillings used are fire retardant and comply with the Furniture and Furnishings Fire and Safety Regulations Act 1988.

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Gorpets (P&B Gora Ltd) has been trading from its West Bromwich premises since 1974. Originally set up as a clothing manufacturing company it enjoyed tremendous success. Then in 1999 the company started using the fabric in its factory to make dog beds and cat beds and sold the products initially to pet shops in the West Midlands area.

This proved successful so P&B Gora Ltd set up its own design and manufacturing facility for pet beds and that was where the Gor Pets brand was born. As experts in working with fabrics, machining and pattern cutting Gor Pets were soon noticed as a leading supplier in quality pet bedding. This combined with its recruitment drive for experts in pet welfare and behaviour formed a solid foundation on which to grow.  Leading to the development of well thought out accessories, everything from plush and vinyl toys to cat scratchers and tug toys.

In 2010 Gor Pets began distributing carefully selected products from other manufacturers, further enhancing their range. It continues to source and design beneficial products for pets and their owners, through research and development in the UK and abroad. They are now one of the leading wholesalers for pet products and accessories in the UK and are also expanding into Europe.

KONG is an American company who develop, design and manufacture dog and cat toys. The company founder, Joe Markham, created the original KONG product in the 1970s.  This was and is a snowman shaped chew dog toy named KONG.  There are now several varients to this all made of rubber which can be stuffed with dog treats for added fun!  KONG  now offers a range of balls, chew toys, pull toys, frisbees and various other interactive toys and accessories.  The company have also expanded into cat toys, catnip and cat accessories. 

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We are very proud to be able to offer Salters Dog Food, the only natural, dry dog foods to contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Salters has a long and respected butchery history know for its quality meats.  This has continued for the last 20 years as purveyors of quality, veterinary formulated dog food,  Stephen Salter is the principle of Salters Pet Nutrition and has the determination, work ethic and experience, all gained by generations of Suffolk family members who were local fishermen, farmers and more latterly butchers when Fred Salter (grandfather), became Aldeburghs Master Butcher at Salters Family Butchers – starting in 1922.

Salters foods are loved by both dogs and their owners, by providing the very best of healthy ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals, colours or flavour enhancers.  These life stage meals are extremely well balanced and complete – so nothing should or needs to be added (apart from a fresh supply of water at all times).   All the ingredients used has been hand-chosen and sourced from food fit for human consumption, giving, Salters believe, the “Healthiest Dog Food“ as an option for your dogs. I​​​f you eat the best food then why shouldn't your dog?

Salters are often being told by customers that by feeding Salters their dogs have indeed had a marked improvement on their lives, overcoming many of the normal complaints relating to skin, hair, stomach, smell and temperament, even in some cases owners have stated that they firmly believe that Salters has extended their dog's life.