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Small Animal Bedding

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Animal Dreams Compressed Lemon Shaving Bale 3.5kg

Small animal bedding. Compressed lemon scented wood shavings. Warm, absorbant with a refreshing smell.

Back 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding & Litter 20L

Back 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding & Litter pellets are made from over 99% recycled paper  that has had no additives or chemicals included. The bedding & litter provides natural odour control thanks to its highly absorbent makeup.

Pillow Wad Bio Barley Straw Large 2kg

Pillow Wad premium quality unchopped Barley Straw. Sieved and dust extracted. 100% Plastic fee, compostable and biodegradeable.

Pillow Wad Bio Timothy Hay Large 2kg

Promotes a healthy digestive system. Encourages natural chewing and helps keep ever growing teeth in check. Suitable for Rabbits, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs and other small animals.

Pillow Wad Bio Woodshavings Large 3.6kg

Pillow Wad premier soft white woodshavings have been kiln dried and dust-extracted to provide a highly absorbent and comfortable environment for all animal types.

Pillow Wad Eco-Nest Large 3.2kg

Super absorbent bedding made for unused cardboard. Excellent for tunnelling, burrowing, digging and nesting.

Pillow Wad Meadow Hay Maxi 3.75kg

Pillow Wad English Meadow Hay. Sieved and dust extracted. Date of Manufacture and field harvested from. Unchopped.

Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand 1kg

100% Natural Bathing Sand. Natural, dust and bacteria free. Naturally avsorbant.

Versele Laga Chinchilla Bath Sand 1.3kg

High quality bathing sand, specially developed for the hygienic requirements of chinchillas and other rodents like degus, gerbils and hamsters.

Versele Laga Wood Bedding No.6 15kg

Versele Laga Wood Bedding No.6 15kg. Natural beech wood bedding for all types of small animals and birds enclosures and cages. Hygenic and easly disposable after use - just add to your compost heap.